Thankyou for flying Con-Air

Thought I’d re-publish a few blog posts from my previous Rwanda trip over the next few days. Here’s the first…


Well, NOW we know why our tickets to Rwanda were so cheap…we were recently sent the following link from my sister-in-law (relevant article nearer the end):

Turns out Flight KQ101 is the main flight that returns illegal African immigrants back to Africa via Nairobi. Naturally there was no mention of this when booking the flight, and admittedly mention of such a fact may have swayed our thrifty impulses.

In addition, the article relates how there have been increasing reports of brutality by accompanying immigration officers. Such accounts, if true, are hardly comforting. Obviously, this human rights abuse is horrendous and unforgivable…but more to the point, this may require me sending a strongly worded letter to the Chairman of Kenya Airways. I mean, how am I to concentrate on the in-flight entertainment whilst about me near-fatal beatings are being administered with the perpetually stale bread rolls. Isn’t the act of flying stressful enough (fear the plane is going to spear into the ground like a fucking dart: knowing that you’ll be stuck next to the next Unabomber and trying desperately to avoid small talk: convincing yourself that maybe just maybe the food will resemble something other than your most recent rectal offerings; wondering how you’re going to climb over the snoring 300lb man so that your bladder will refrain from imploding thus severely affecting cabin pressure), that one could well do without further on-board turmoil?

Anyway, the flight will surely be an interesting one.