flick-a-vision presents:

She was probably glad to see the back of this muzungu.

Today I’m meeting Jennifer, one of my five participants, for the last time.

I have no doubt she will be left puzzled and bemused after 4 weeks of me asking her personal questions, and taking gigabytes-worth of photos and video of her doing things like cooking dinner and washing laundry.

Today we will wrap up her part in this anthropografic phase of my project -so far she has impressed me with the photos and video she’s taken. Despite her initial skepticism, she’s keeping the camera and now doesn’t think all researchers are bad.

I wanted to introduce you, but I couldn’t upload video because of the file sizes.

So enter flick-a-vision. We all remember the staggered sketches we’d make on our page edges when we were bored in class? You’d then flick the pages to bring those sketches life. This is the same concept but with photos.

Well – let’s go meet her at her home in Laroo – follow me, I know the way.

Click on the soundslide to start our journey (give it a minute or so to buffer).