Cornucopia: no false advertising here

cor·nu·co·pi·a (noun): (1) In Greek mythology, the horn of the goat that suckled Zeus, which broke off and became filled with fruit. In folklore, it became full of whatever its owner desired. (2) An overflowing store; an abundance.

By any definition, Westboro’s third annual Cornucopia celebration was abundant in its extravagance. From the vivacious drag queen ensemble of The Champagnes to the Mariachi beat of Los Paisanos, from the Pagan-bedecked Ottawa Stilt Union to the Guinean drumming of Dr. Lee’s Percussion, from a Karaoke-singing Elvis to a petting zoo – Cornucopia had it all.

Cornucopia was the brainchild of Elaina Martin – a Director of the Westboro Village Business Improvement Area – having witnessed the success of WestFest. As Ottawa’s arts and community epicentre, it seemed natural that Westboro host another celebration of diversity and art.

Dr Lee, the eponymous drum player said. “We haven’t missed a Cornucopia – we love it man, there’s such a great vibe. And check out the weather!”

Waiting unperturbed whilst her young daughter had a henna tattoo etched on her forearm, Tanya Irkman agreed. “We’re local, and we come every year. I don’t have a favourite activity – it’s just nice to enjoy some more nice weather before the winter!”