The Church of Rock

“We lovingly refer to it as the ‘Church of Rock'”, Isabelle Quintin jokes.

She’s referring to the church that she and 10 business partners have converted into an indoor climbing gym in Hull called Altitude.

The space still has vestiges of the church that it used to be. A large dove adorns the ceiling, the lighting is inscribed with crosses, and large, rectangular glass windows let in abundant amounts of light.

Whilst she acknowledges that it’s not the original intention for the building, she says that it even received the blessing of the former bishop, Marc Sebacher. “The building needed was vacant and needed a good project,” she recalls. “It was a great business idea and the church’s congregation was behind a community-based project.”

The gym has 50 top rope routes, 50 lead routes and around 1,800 square feet of bouldering rock.

Karen and Sony Leveillee love the new space. “We both work shifts, so having the space to ourselves during our work week is fantastic,” Karen says laughing.

“However, I’m just getting back into it as I’ve had two babies since I last climbed!”