Visualization: Money In, Money Out

The weighty tome that outlined the Canadian government’s 2013-2014 budget was a veritable doorstep, crammed full of confounding fiscalspeak, graphs and tabular data.

No doubt this data makes perfect sense to economists or budget-scarred journalists, but how do you make translate it to make it more digestable for a wider, less-savvy audience?

That’s where I came in.

During the budget lock-up at the Government Conference Centre I developed a number of customized, interactive data visualizations for iPolitics’ blanket coverage of the 2013 federal budget. Using just the D3 library, HTML, CSS and javascript the graphics allow the user to view this normally confusing expense and revenue data in multiple ways. You can view it as a whole (by % change and comparative size in dollars), by % change, or by category.

Hopefully it helped.