INTERACTIVE: Red light camera tickets

Thought I’d show off an interactive dashboard I created for The Toronto Star this week which shows red light camera ticket data for the city for an 18-month period from January 2012 to June 2013.

The dashboard below is made up from three components: a map, spreadsheet, and graph.

The map shows the locations of Toronto’s active digital cameras (red dots) and its 10 inactive film cameras (grey dots) that have since been decommissioned. The larger the dot, the more tickets were issued for that intersection. Clicking on a dot will (a) show you the number of offences for that intersection, and (b) filter the spreadsheet and graph below to show more data. To clear your selection, simply click anywhere on the map. To zoom in on the map, use the tool in the top left-hand corner. To drag the map, hold down the mouse key for a second until the arrow turns into a hand. Users may also select a multiple intersections to compare data in the spreadsheet below.

By default the spreadsheet will show fine and ticket totals for all intersections that have red light cameras. The data can be re-ordered by simply hovering over the desired column, and then clicking on one the icons that appears on the right-hand side of the column header. If you select a street intersection in the leftmost column, the map and graph elements of the dashboard will be filtered to show data pertinent to the selected intersection. Simply click a second time to clear your selection.

The graph by default shows how many tickets were issued every day between January 2012 and June 2013. A line cuts across the graph showing the average number of tickets issued a day for the 18-month period. This line and the graph values will shift if you select a particular intersection in the map or spreadsheet.

The data used in this interactive dashboard was obtained through a freedom of information request I submitted to Ontario’s provincial government – data which is available to download for people’s offline analysis.

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