INTERACTIVE: How many used syringes in Toronto’s wards?

Nearly 600 discarded syringes have been recovered in Toronto’s 44 wards between January 2012 and June 6, 2013. With data gleaned from a freedom of information request, the Star has built a customized interactive map for readers to explore. You can see where the most needles have been discarded in Toronto, and view the description of where the needle was found as reported in the original 311 service request.

The interactive dashboard below is made up from two components: a map, and a spreadsheet.

The density map shows which of Toronto’s wards had the most discarded needles reported. A lighter shade of red indicates a smaller number needles were reported. Conversely, the darker the shade of red, the greater the number of needles reported. Clicking on a ward will (a) show you the number of needles reported, and (b) filter the spreadsheet below to show more data about the 311 request. To clear your selection, simply click anywhere on the map. To zoom in on the map, use the tool in the top left-hand corner. To drag the map, hold down the mouse key for a second until the arrow turns into a hand.

The spreadsheet shows information pertaining to all discarded needles reported to 311, sorted by ward name.

I obtained the data used in this interactive dashboard through a Freedom of Information request, and it’s available to download for offline analysis.