INTERACTIVE: Where do jaywalkers get busted in Toronto?

More than 9,300 jaywalking tickets have been issued by Toronto’s police officers between January 2012 and June 6, 2013. With data gleaned from a freedom of information request, I built a customized interactive map for readers to explore. You can see when and where tickets were issued by police, and for what exact offence.

The interactive dashboard consists of three tabs: a map, a graph, and a spreadsheet.

The density map shows which of Toronto’s police divisions issued the most jaywalking tickets in an 18-month period. A lighter shade of red indicates fewer tickets were issued. Conversely, the darker the shade of red, the greater the number of tickets issued. Clicking on a police division will show you the number of tickets issued by its officers.

The graph shows the number of jaywalking tickets issued by Toronto’s police divisions between January 2012 and June 2013. Click on the legend on the left hand side to highlight a particular division’s figures. You can also click on points on the graph to view totals for a particular month.

The spreadsheet shows information pertaining to all jaywalking tickets issued by Toronto police, sorted by police division.

The data used in this interactive dashboard was obtained through a Freedom of Information request, and is available to download for your offline analysis.