VIDEO: First Person Shooter

Photographer Robert Capa once said, “If your photos aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough.”

And if you look at his images — whether they were taken from the beaches on D-Day or on the battlefields of Spain’s civil war in the 1930s — you can see Capa kept true to this mantra.

His photographs are up-close, evisceral and raw.

As a photojournalist I always try and keep that Capa quote in my head.

And although I own zoom and telephoto lenses, I try and refrain from using them. It forces me to get closer to my subject.

Now it may only be the harvesting of maize in Mali — and nothing as dramatic as a war zone — but the short video below illustrates how I try and get as close as I can, putting myself in the action, shooting from a variety of angles.

Mamadou Diarra is currently taking part in Daba Kamalen, a Farm Radio International project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, aimed at encouraging youth to become farmers at a time when many flock to Bamako seeking unsuccessfully for more “sophisticated” careers.

This week Diarra, one of six candidates who take part in the innovative reality radio show, prepared to harvest his maize.

I attached a GoPro camera to my Canon 7D so that, like those ultra-violent video games kids are playing these days, you can have a first-person shooter experience to see how I get each shot.