As I wait to board a plane to Mozambique (watch this space for an abundance of posts on that adventure), thought I’d try and quickly do something with the all the MSP expense data I scraped last week.

Once a year the Scottish government updates its online database of politicians’ expenses, and this just happened on the 10 October 2014.

Problem is…the online tool is unwieldy, slow, and difficult to compare data by year or by politician. Furthermore it’s hard to get a handle on which MSPs regularly spend more than others, on what, how one MSP compares against another, and how much on average a party member spends.

So having I scraped all expense data for MSPs, from financial years 2005 to 2013, and quickly created the below tool using Tableau that allows you to perform all these tasks. It’s not yet got all the functionality I want, but it’s a start.

Happy data-mining!

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