Some voters quoted Kermit’s song (“It’s Not Easy Being Green”), some were busy loading up on caffeine-crammed drinks to see them through the night, while others compared the General Election to the Aliens vs Predator franchise.

I collated over 3,800 geo-tagged tweets from around the globe to develop an interactive map to see when, what, and where people are tweeting from, using the #GE2015 hashtag.

But interestingly, that’s only about a quarter of the number who tweeted on the day of the referendum on Scottish independence.

It’s no surprise the epicentre for tweets was the UK, but there were also posts coming from as far away the Philippines, Uganda and Japan.

Twitter activity was monitored since the polls opened at 0700 yesterday, and the map was updated hourly until 0700 on 8 May as it looked likely the Conservatives would attain a majority.

For accuracy I only collated posts from geo-tagged Twitter accounts – accounts that specify a longitude and latitude for tweets – which typically only accounts for 1% of tweets.