Audio: making Ottawa citizens ‘appy

[Photo courtesy of Dwayne Brown]

Sick of waiting in the cold for a bus that is late or never even shows up?

Imagine a world then where a smartphone app tells you exactly where your bus is.

Sound like science fiction?

Well, IT activist Edward Ocampo-Gooding has convinced the City of Ottawa to release municipal data for public use.

This so-called “open data” includes parks, ward and GPS information.

Ocampo-Gooding says this data can be used by IT developers to benefit Ottawans.

Listen to him talk in more detail below.

Edward Ocampo-Gooding on the benefits of ‘open data’ in Ottawa by marcellison

But the nation’s capital lags behind other cities like Vancouver.

This gap is closing fast though as the City of Ottawa embraces this new open data policy.

They’ve just launched an Apps4Ottawa contest that brings developers and citizens together to help make Ottawa a better place.