“It’s tough for cops to admit we have these prejudices”: the Stacy Bonds fallout

This year’s Black History Month comes at an unfortunate time, when the Stacy Bonds case is still on everybody’s mind.

The unveiling of a celebratory banner at Ottawa’s police headquarters was meant to promote cultural awareness within the force.

Instead, it seemed to emphasise a rift with the black community.

Chief Vern White conceded that a change is needed in the police’s attitude.

Police Chief Vern White on racial profiling in Ottawa by marcellison

Godwin Ifedi, chairman of Black History Ottawa, admitted the Bonds case had created a great deal of tension in the black community.

He stated, “It’s created a lot of anger, and a lot of emotion. We need to review the trust that the community has had with the Ottawa police.”

Ifedi said, “I’ve asked communities, and they have confirmed that the trust they had has been given a serious blow and it will take a lot to rebuild it. That’s what we’re trying to do with Black History Ottawa”

But he said that now the dust, and emotions, have settled, everyone should look to the future.

Ifedi stated that no good ever came of dwelling on the past.