Kibera Kids

The Kibera slum is a warren-like labyrinth of ramshackle dwellings, made from little more than adobe and corrugated iron.

The average house size is 3 x 3 metres, and shared by a family of five or more.

The estimated density of the slum is 2,000 residents per hectare.

Only 1% of Kibera youth complete high school.

All this poverty and squalor only five kilometres from the Nairobi city centre.

But social transformation through media and art is the vision of Hot Sun Foundation.

Their mission is to educate, develop talents, and train youth and children from the Kibera slums so that they can tell their own stories.

They want their stories to travel far to inspire other slum dwellers around the globe.

They want to create role models and leaders.

They believe that media and art can enable slum dwellers to reshape their lives and bring about social transformation.

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