Recognition. Restoration. Reparations.

We lost a million and a half…history never lies, history never dies.

The message in the musical intro was hardly subtle – but after 96 years of waiting for the Turkish government to recognize the massacre of Armenians as genocide, you can understand the community’s frustration.

Hundreds from Canada’s Armenian diaspora marched from Parliament Hill to the Turkish embassy. Three generations carried flags, chanted and held signs stating “STOP THE DENIAL.”

Others wore t-shirts with large bulls eyes on them, exclaiming “IF THIS WERE 1915 OTTOMAN TURKEY, I WOULD BE A TARGET.”

The mass killings by Ottoman Turks began in 1915 – this is seen by many academics as being the first modern genocide. There were mass executions of Armenian intellectuals and elites, mass rape of Armenian women, and the death marches of Armenian men, women, and children toward Der Zor, an Ottoman city in the inhospitable Syrian desert.

Many Armenians at the rally said that they simply want recognition from the Turkish government – following in the footsteps of the Canadian government in 2004.

You can listen to the rally’s musical intro below.