The Inheritance Of Loss

Hundreds of young Armenian-Canadians marched on Parliament Hill this week to protest the Turkish government’s refusal to recognise the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians as genocide.

Boys as young as 10 carried banners exclaiming “ADMIT YOUR GUILT.”

Parents pushed strollers emblazoned with anti-Turkish slogans.

But the Armenian genocide occurred 96 years ago.

So why is this new generation of young Armenians protesting events that aren’t within their own living memory? Is it familial coercion? Or is it a sign of increased political activism amongst today’s youth?

I spoke with Harout Manougian (25) and Nanor Boghossian (20) to ask them why the latest generation wants the Turkish government to acknowledge the genocide.

The answer: the inheritance of loss.

The Inheritance Of Loss by marcellison